What MI Am I?

For this MI quiz, we asked you to watch a clip from the musical ‘CATS’, which showed a performer singing ‘Memory.’

We then had you select which aspect of the clip was most interesting to you.

We then had you re-watch the clip, focusing on each of these different aspects.

Finally, we had you select which of these aspects was easiest for  you to focus on.

Each ‘aspect’ corresponded with a specific intelligence:

The orchestral music = Musical intelligence
The emotional turmoil of the main character = Interpersonal intelligence
The lyrics of the song ‘Memory’ = Linguistic intelligence
The dance motions and movements of the performers = Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
The stage and background = Spatial intelligence
Your own emotional experience = Intrapersonal intelligence
How ‘cat-like’ the performance is = Naturalistic intelligence

In turn, whichever ‘aspects’ you found most interesting and easiest to focus on are indicative of your intellectual strengths.

We hope you enjoyed this quiz, found it insightful, and will participate in future quizzes!